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Our Learning Process

We believe that Learning To LearnLearning To Do, and Learning To Be are more important than memorization alone.

We have replaced external motivators like high-stakes test scores and grades with an intrinsic growth mindset, so our learners are motivated to work hard and have fun. Respect is the foundation for every other skill we learn at Spring Forth Academy.

The following principles guide our approach to education as an Acton Academy affiliate.

A Learner Driven Community

Acton Academy is “learner-led.” This means young people take ownership of their education and peer relationships. Acton learners discover how to think independently, take responsibility and embrace challenge. They are being prepared to bring their own unique genius to the world.

Powerful Interactive Technology

Acton Academy uses the latest technology in a self-paced learning environment designed to foster responsibility, goal-setting, and teamwork. Acton learners are empowered to thrive in a world that needs independent, motivated thinkers and learners.

Learning by Doing

We believe we learn best by doing. Whether it’s launching a startup business, creating a tidepool habitat, playing a musical instrument, painting a mosaic, or programming a robot, Acton learners are building real-life skills in the classroom every day.

The Socratic Method

We believe the learning experience is much richer when the teacher (“Guide”) offers insightful questions and facilitates hands-on learning. Guides use the Socratic method, always responding to learners’ questions with new questions. This exchange hones learners’ critical thinking skills.

Real World Quests and Apprenticeships

We believe in the power of apprenticeships. Beginning around the age of 14, our learners obtain summer internships in a field they are passionate about. Acton learners have interned with doctors, entrepreneur bakers, plumbers, attorneys and graphic designers. What will your child choose?

The Hero's Journey

We encourage our learners to develop personal virtues such as honesty, hard work, responsibility, kindness and empathy. Armed with purpose and good character, we believe our learners will launch into adulthood prepared to find their calling and change the world.

Sparks Studio

Ages 4-7

At our Spark Studio we lay the foundation for the joy of learning. Our well-balanced educational experience ignites curiosity, creativity, and the ability to ask good questions.

  • Young heroes start their journey towards mastery of tools, skills and character by working on acquiring small habits through Montessori-inspired and play-based learning.
  • Learners use hands-on materials as well as adaptive technology to build a strong foundation of core skills.
  • Learners come together to develop life skills and character while having ample opportunities for collaboration, exploration, and free play.

Tuition for half day Sparks

$3,000 per year paid annually or monthly

Tuition for full day Sparks

$5,000 per year paid annually or monthly

Discovery Studio

Ages 7-11

Young heroes in the Discovery Studio begin to embark into the real world, with the thrilling opportunities and responsibility that come with it. We encourage our young heroes to tap into their unique genius and continue building real-world skills.

  • The Discovery Studio offers a higher level of freedom, as well as a safe place to learn new skills and put them to the test, failing early, cheaply and often.
  • Our Quests and Socratic discussions put a strong emphasis on creative and critical thinking.
  • Young Heroes learn how to set goals, work collaboratively, and love learning, while also helping and being helped by their friends in the Studio.

Tuition for full day Discovery Studio

$5,000 per year paid annually or monthly

Discovery Studio Plus

Ages 11-14

Our Discovery Studio Plus heroes are encouraged to be responsible for their learning and challenge themselves. Each of them is focusing on a passion, learning at his or her own pace, mastering core skills while learning 21st century skills through real world projects.

As a Discovery Studio Plus hero, you will:

  • Work on difficult real-world Quests
  • Learn to calculate, write and think more deeply
  • Develop a positive self-identity surrounded by friends who will support you.
  • Explore gifts, passions and apprenticeships so you can change the world.

Tuition for full day Discovery Plus Studio

$5,000 per year paid annually or monthly

We believe that clear thinking leads to good decisions, good decisions lead to the right habits, the right habits lead to character and character becomes destiny.

The Hero’s Journey

Learning at Spring Forth Academy is an invitation to a Hero’s Journey. We believe that each of us has a special calling in life, and a series of trials and tests that must be faced with integrity and purpose, in order to live a life of meaning.

Our mission is to prepare everyone for his or her special journey.


21st Century Learning

  • The latest in educational technology for self-paced mastery of reading, writing and math skills.
  • Deep Socratic discussions about heroes, history and self governance to hone critical thinking skills and the ability to powerfully think, write and speak.
  • Hands-on project based Quests to master the tools and skills needed to solve problems in the real world.

A Learner-driven community run by heroes-in-the-making

Self-management and self-governance are celebrated daily by learners who use 21st Century skills to tackle real world projects, inspired by classic heroes in a tightly bound community with extremely high standards.

  • Learners create and sign a Contract of Promises describing how each individual will act and the consequences for violating community norms.
  • Mentor teams encourage younger and older learners to listen, affirm, set goals and hold each other accountable.
  • “Learn to Be” badges that celebrate character and completing leadership challenges.

“Our daughter loves learning at Spring Forth Academy. She has grown significantly in her ability to push herself using the growth mindset. She recently asked if she can send her children to Spring Forth Academy when she becomes a mom.”

Measuring Mastery

Young people celebrate the mastery of tools, skills and character by earning badges, assembling portfolios and taking part in public exhibitions.

  • Parents use badges to track academic progress in Core Skills like reading, writing, math and spelling and character development in “Learn to Be” Badges.
  • Electronic and hard copy Portfolios capture rough drafts, photos, video and other creative work.
  • Public exhibitions at the end of most Quests allow young people to present work to experts, customers or the public for a real world test.

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